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Summit Public Art 

Bringing art to public spaces in Summit

Summit Public Art is a volunteer-based city organization whose mission is to bring art to public spaces throughout Summit.

Although it is a city entity, Summit Public Art receives no funding from the city for installations or operations. It raises money through individual donations, public and private grants and corporate sponsorships.

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We are “Rethinking” Public Places.

Summit Public Art was founded in 2002 as the Mayor’s Partnership for Public Art. Its mission is to enhance our cityscape, infusing it with assorted contemporary art installations that provide public art experiences to those who live, work in, or visit Summit.
We believe that these aesthetic experiences enrich our citizens’ quality of life, creating community ties and pride, and that they differentiate Summit from surrounding communities. Public art is unique in that it is truly free to all, inspiring curiosity and wonder, rest and contemplation.

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We are “Refacing” Public Spaces.

Over the past fourteen years Summit Public Art has installed over 50  pieces of temporary art throughout the community,  The artists represented include many of national and international renown.  The committee has also sponsored and facilitated two permanent installations on Broad Street:  three bus shelters and the Gateway Tree sculpture welcoming people to town.  

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Bringing art to public spaces in Summit